Marketers Summit 2016

Marketers constantly need to innovate, digitalize and sometimes even reinvent the game.
They are facing more and more challenges in the ever-changing landscape of marketing and communication. International and local experts will exchange on the burning topics of Customer Experience, Brand Image, and authentic content and publishing on May 11 during the two dedicated conferences of the Marketers Summit organized during ICT Spring Europe 2016.

Best Brand Strategies: creativity and customer centrism

Photo_ICT SpringToday, customers have access to wealth of communication channels leading to an abundance of information. Therefore, “Customer is King” strategy should be the backbone of all companies, where brand and corporate image are crucial to be successful. In this new world, creativity must correlate with user experience.
But according to Pierre Robinet, not all brands work hand in hand with digital. For the global digital director of Publicis, this is time for them to change, and for the strategists as well. As digital changed the game and created a new relationship between brands and consumers, where content, creative, entertainment and technology meet social and creativity, Pierre Robinet will share his experience with the audience through a presentation entitled « How to
leverage data thinking to help our clients accelerate their marketing transforation ».
Data increasingly allow to advertise the right message to the right people, at the right time and in the right context. Today, relevance is not just about insightful messaging anymore, but about reaching people in a context where they are open to receiving an insightful message. In this context, Anne-Marie Castonguay, VP Performance and Data Management, Partner, Sid Lee Media (Quebec), will give a presentation named “Stop thinking about Marketing, start acting like a Customer: Simple ways to improve Experience”.

Content is King

Companies manage their image to promote and develop their brand through video and customer behavior monitoring. But how can customers interact with the brand? What’s the most engaging type of content? With all the tremendous amount of data they are now able to gathered, companies can now move away from traditional advertising and move forward into building strategic content, which shells new and personalized products. Olivier Schaack, Art Director at Canal+ and a Luxembourgish native, will narrate the birth and creation of the private TV channel’s promotion video. His presentation, entitled “How 8Bit Little Men Launched the Canal+ New Season”, will focus on the rebirth of PixelArt.
Also with the participation of Philip Thomas (CEO of Cannes Lions), Kristof Rutten (System Engineer) and Fabio Borney (Head of Digital programs EMEA, FCA Fiat Chrysler Automobiles).

About Marketers Summit

The conference will take place during ICT Spring Europe 2016, a European leader in information-communication-technology conferences and hosting an array of international participants. ICT Spring is a yearly event held in Luxembourg City dedicated to exhibiting and demonstrating the latest relevant trends and innovations and discuss their impact on society and the working world.
The growing abundance of data, the power of innovation and the inflation of regulation are reshuffling the cards for fast growth on increasingly intricated markets. ICT Spring Europe 2016 will unveil disruptive technologies in 9 strategic areas, one of them being Marketing &  Communication, enabling humanity to explore new frontiers.