This site aims to share professional informations and best practices. Culture and Communication is targeted at culture professionals, and more specifically museum professionals, but also passionate fans (and there are quite a lot).

This site wishes to highlight and share good practices in communications, marketing and sponsorship in the museum field. Here you will find interviews with professionals just like you and who tell you about their business, but also their tips and projects.

The public cultural sector is still fairly unresponsive to communication, marketing and new media. Most museums are there because “it’s there” and they have to compose with it.

However (and fortunately), this is not the case for all. And these professionals usually struggle to make their voices heard.

We also offer advertising and consulting services.

Culturecom, that’s 145,000 visits for the second quarter of 2019 alone. Our readers are mainly French-speaking cultural professionals, students and researchers, 60% from old Europe (France, Belgium, Germany and the United Kingdom ) and 30% of the New World, mainly Quebec and the eastern United States.

Are you representing a trade fair, a education or training institute, an equipment manufacturer, a cultural communication agency or simply a cultural organization wishing to communicate with its audience? We’re here to accompany you.

Our proposals range from classic display advertising to sponsored editorial, tweet or Facebook post, whether on our blog or on a wider network of influential bloggers in the cultural sector.

Finally, we respect our readers. Consequently, although being an online media, we adhere to the ethics of the press and to the law n ° 86-897 of August 1, 1986 reforming the legal regime of the press and its article 10. We therefore systematically mention everything publi-advertising in the body of the article and by a specific category “Publi-advertising”.

The Arts Management Club is the consulting agency behind Culturecom.

We work both in business and in institutions or non-profit organizations to help you, for example:

  • reach new audiences and improve their conversion journey,
  • position your marketing strategy,
  • create, train and support your sales and customer service teams,
  • detect possible synergies within your organization and help you improve certain processes in order to increase efficiency and reduce silos.



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