Fabulous Faberge at MBAMTL

From June 14th to October 5th, the Fine Arts Museum of Montreal presents some of the best pieces created by Faberge (including 4 of the most famous eggs).

In short:

  • Tickets for 30+: $22.50 and for 30-: $14.50 (online purchase, no-queue tickets), or $20/$12 at the museum ,
  • Tuesdays to Sundays: from 10.00am to 5.00pm and nocturnal until 9.00pm on Wednesdays,
  • Well thought design and works are really easy to discover,
  • Bilingual content,
  • Audioguides are available,
  • Photo without flash,
  • To know more about the exhibit: http://faberge.mbam.qc.ca/en/

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