What Are The Secrets of Montreal Museum of Fine Arts?

The MBAM (Montreal Museum of Fine Arts) has recently achieved an impressive success. Despite a series of budget cuts that had forced the museum to restructure, the MBAM has welcomed over a million visitors in 2013 and its members have increased up to almost 90 000, which is so far the highest subscription rate for a museum in Canada.

The last exhibition, Faberge, was itself a success. The museum has recently announced that it has surpassed 100,000 visitors.

In order to understand how the museum achieved such a success and to see what best pratices we could share with other institutions, we have interviewed three people, who in my opinion have been key in this evolution. They are Jean-Sébastien Bélanger, head of membership and customer service; Jean-Luc Murray, director of education and community programmes and finally Danielle Chassagne, former communications director of the museum and currently director of the Museum Foundation.

Nathalie Bondil, the museum director, was unfortunately not available for an interview, although her vision of the Montreal Museum was decisive.

These three interviews will be published throughout the month of September.

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