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Brand identity in the arts sector is still something somewhat sensitive. We’ve realized that when Cyril Leclerc has published his article on how to successfully brand its museum without losing its soul and values on this very blog.

© Agenda CTM14 - Cedric Tourasse Photography

© Agenda CTM14 – Cedric Tourasse Photography

This year’s conference Communicating the Museum (CTM 15) in Istanbul has actually been trying to help museum professionals with a workshop on both branding and co-branding. According to the conference, all institutions are now competing to attract audiences as attention spans are shrinking. Prospective visitors have infinite choices which means that organizations have to successfully connect emotionally, become irreplaceable or at least create lifelong relationships.

© Agenda CTM14 - Cedric Tourasse Photography

© Agenda CTM14 – Cedric Tourasse Photography

The workshop speakers (Corinne Estrada, CEO Agenda; Mark Goggin, Executive Director at Sydney Living Museums; Jennifer Francis, Executive Director of Marketing at the Philadelphia Museum of Art; Emmanuel Delbouis, Project Manager at the French Ministry of Culture and Communication; and Hakan Elbir, Founder of Istanbul Social Entreprise) all agreed on the fact that brand identity is something which is tangible. It appeals to the senses as the audience can see it, touch it, hold it, hear it, watch it but most of it want to be part of an experience the brand creates.

The participants have been able to brainstorm through group sessions in collective intelligence but also see what co-brandingwith fashion brands may imply for the institution’s values and what it means for its core audience. Finally, participants received some coaching from the speakers in order to fill in the canvas of their business model and realize some prospective work in branding prior to sketch any communication or marketing strategy.

Learn more on CTM 15 in Istanbul.

Programme of the workshop:

Part 1 : KEYNOTE

1. What makes a contemporary museum brand?
Mark Goggin, Executive Director, Sydney Living Museums

2. Deep engagement with Audiences
Jennifer Francis, Executive Director of Marketing and Communications, Philadelphia Museum of Art

3. Relationships and brand affiliations
Emmanuel Delbouis, Project Manager, French Ministry of Culture and Communication

How does it work for my museum?

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