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Culturecom is in Istanbul for Communicating the Museum 2015 edition or #CTM15 for intimates and twitter-addicts.

Everyday  we’ll post some updates and recaps on CTM15 workshops and conferences.

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What is Communicating the Museum?

For 3 days, CTM15 offers conferences and workshops to arts professionals. Communicating the Museum is the occasion to discover last trends and challenges that face museums from all around the globe, communication-wise.

We will celebrate the dialogue between the past and present in collections, focus on the latest digital technologies, shape successful communications strategies, and embrace trends and future projects.

We will anticipate and understand the shifts and changing dynamics of our cultural and business environment.

Corinne Estrada , CEO Agenda Paris.

Day 1

Topkapi Palace istanbul Turkey - <a href=""> Shutterstock</a>

Topkapi Palace istanbul Turkey – Shutterstock

IDCA Awards

IDCA Awards grant every year museums, foundations, galleries and art centres (the list is not extensive) that have been inventive and creative when developing a communications strategy. Communications has to be understood quite broadly here, as among the various categories, you can receive an award for the best scenography.

This year, more than 60 institutions have participated to the contest.

You’ll find below the winners of the these awards:

Best Branding
Philadelphia Museum of Art: Brand Identity, Philadelphia Museum of Art – USA

Best Communication on a Temporary Exhibit
NEONSIGNS.HK, West Kowloon Cultural District Authority – Hong Kong

Best Scenography
Haunted Screens: German Cinema in the 1920s, LACMA – USA

Best Mobile App
Canadian Museum for Human Rights Mobile App – Canadian Museum for Human Rights, Canada

Best Website
NEONSIGNS.HK, West Kowloon Cultural District Authority – Hong Kong

Best Merchandising
Botanic Line, Inhoti by Hardy Design and Núcleo de Design Inhotim – Brazil

Workshop 1: From skepticism to confidence – winning over the public through communication

Coline Aunis (@lilmount), Head of Web and Social Media, MuCEM, France
Julie Basquin, Chief of Comunications Department, MuCEM, France

By BRENAC (Personal work) , via Wikimedia Commons

By BRENAC (Personal work) , via Wikimedia Commons

No need to present Mucem further…

After ongoing a 10 year construction period, the Mucem was actually showing all the warning signs of an ambitious but catastrophic project. It was therefore necessary to convince (quickly) the local but sceptical public while talking to a touristic and international audience, being at Marseille for holidays, that was at that time the European Capitale of Culture… Hence, communications were there to sssh the worries.  Everything was innovative and ambitious!

Phase 1: How to Face Distrust?

People in Marseille were:

  • distrutful
  • sceptical
  • offended (“this is gonna be a Parisian’s museum” could be heard quite often)
  • reserved regarding the Museum’s collections

Phase 2: Take the Bull by the Horns


and talk to people by using their words…


Social media has also helped to create a connexion with the public. By showing, for example, the behind the scenes of communications actions.Playing on the audience’s #InternetEgo is fundamental. To make people engage with your communications strategy, you have to put them at the core of it so they can feel they are part of it.

Phase 3: Be Kind

Specific invites and priviliged moments were offered to teh local community in order to create a real and not only virtual engagement.

Phase 4: Seduce your Audience Again and Again!

Mucem’s launch was the beginning of a success but also an adventure. It is necessary to seduce again and again its audience, give some notoriety to the collections, communicate on temporary exhibit to raise interest and finally, looking forward to new publics! Quite a mouthful!

Workshop 2: From the local to the international visitor: how is the Louvre adapting to contemporary expectations?

Anne-Laure Beatrix, Director of External Affairs, Musée du Louvre, France
Adel Ziane, Deputy Director of Communication, Musée du Louvre, France

Being more generous or how to share beyond the doors of the institution

Capture-d’écran-2015-09-06-à-13.08.111-300x153Louvre Museum was at Paris-Plage and some mediators were also there to present the Museum’s collections to families during this 2015 edition.

Another interesting off-site partnership was run with Aéroports de Paris. The Louvre displays there a photographic fresque of some of its most emblematic artworks to the million of tourists who walk through the ADP corridors every single day.

Explain better

logo_petite_galerie1-300x225In next October, a new space will open its doors within the Louvre. The Petite Galerie will present art creativity from prehistory to modern ages. Thanks to its scenography and mediation, the Petite Galerie wants to offer another museum experience to its audience.

Press release on the Petite Galerie launch.

Let’s talk tomorrow again on CTM!

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