Why your boss should send you to Arts Marketing Europe

Are you interested in attending the Arts Marketing Europe conference in Amsterdam but not sure how to convince your boss to fund the trip?

Here area few reasons why your boss should let you join arts marketing leaders from across Europe in Amsterdam:

1. Delegates will learn the most strategic, forward-thinking strategies from leading arts marketing professionals.

To maximise the impact of your marketing you need to be knowledgeable about current trends and successful tactics. It’s in your best interests – as well as those of your boss.Arts Marketing Europe brings together arts marketing leaders to share the tactics and techniques that are working for them. Share the speaker list with your boss.

2. You will know where to focus your time and energy to see results.

Marketeers waste time going through a lot of trial and error before discovering what works. Arts Marketing Europe will include speakers that not only challenge your current way of thinking, but will share their actionable advice to put you on the fast track.Think about the challenges which you are facing in your work and how stepping away from your desk for a couple of days could bring new energy to your work.

3. This is a networking opportunity you can’t pass up.

Arts Marketing Europe brings together the best and brightest. In as little as 5 minutes, you can learn a lot from picking the brain’s of our speakers and your fellow delegates. You may even create a few new partnerships.What questions would you ask our speakers?

4. One day format.

Arts Marketing Europe packs a lot of punch into just one day, leaving you inspired without you checking out of the office for too long. As the event takes place on a Friday, it makes it easy for you to spend a weekend in Amsterdam exploring the best in Dutch culture.

5. Good value.

Arts Marketing Europe has partnered with Culturecom and is offering our readers 10% off tickets with the CC10 code.

Arts Marketing Europe takes place in Amsterdam on March 2nd 2018. Find out who’s speaking and book your ticket here.

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