AskaCurator: Registrations have opened!

Be careful, AskaCurator will take place on Sept 17th this year on Twitter. Have you already registered your museum?

If not, don’t forget to do it right now before hectic September. All museums are invited.

What is Ask a Curator?

AskaCurator is an initiative created by Jim Richardson, CEO of Sumo. Jim wanted the public to be able to ask questions to museums curators and Twitter seemed to be the perfect fit for it!

How does it work for the public?

You can now ask everything you wanted to know but didn’t know or didn’t want to ask to museums and curators. If you don’t know who your question should be addressed to, just use the hashtag #AskaCurator and someone will answer it.

If you know whom you want to talk to, just mention the museum AND the hastag, so the museum would be able to see your question in its Twitter feed.

How does it work for museums professionals?

Curators may not have the immediate answer for all questions or they may not be able to answer them all. But that’s ok. The aim of Ask a Curator is to develop the conversation between a museum and its publics and this concerns both large and small museums, as it is not the volume of your fans on Twitter that gives you a high engagement rate.

If you’re not convinced yet, have a look at this interview of Claire Séguret, communications manager at museum of Middle Ages in Paris, by Marlene Dixon. It’s worth it.


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