Culture Business Sydney 2016 : The Art of Fundraising

Funding is one of the hottest topics in the arts sector today. Often a taboo subject in art circles, revenue raising is still a sensitive subject for many in the arts. ‘Culture Business’ is an internationally renowned conference trying to change that, its speakers are international art world leaders in fundraising. They argue that in light of changes to the art funding landscape, as well as new opportunities created by the digital platforms, there’s never been a more exciting time for arts organisations and artists worldwide to rethink their approach to funding.

In Australia for the first time, Culture Business will bring international fundraising experts from across the arts to Sydney. Running 22 to 23 March at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia and Sydney Living Museums in Sydney, Culture Business is supported by Principal Sponsor Creative Partnerships Australia. This landmark Sydney conference will bring together an impressive list of fundraising specialists, arts innovators and corporate strategists from Europe, America, and Australia.

The subjects to be discussed at Culture Business will be diverse and varied, but common topics likely to be explored include: Changing artists’ relationship to money – why revenue is not a dirty word; How do they do it overseas: UK and US arts business models and income diversification success stories abroad; Could the models of philanthropic success from the US really work in Australia; is it possible to create a new culture of giving; What’s on the horizon in corporate sponsorship in Australia and what do sponsors really want from 21st century partnerships; Are we addicted to government funding, is there an over reliance on government subsidies; What do sustainable public and private funding models look like, and can they really offer long term income streams; Crowd funding: why is it easier to raise money today than ever before with digital innovation; Trends in philanthropy- what do the next generation of donors look like in Australia and overseas.

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