Reconnect With Emotion

This is the slogan that both leaders in arts organizations and communication / marketing and design agencies have claimed in this last edition of Culture Business Paris at Celsa last week.

The subject was ambitious: New entrepreneurs in the arts, and the guests among the best: Nathalie Dray from The Walt Disney Company France, Gwenola Taithe from Opéra de Paris or Will Dallimore from the Royal Academy of Arts in London.
The edition has been attended by 150 participants including 30 speakers, all from 53 European cultural institutions and 42 agencies, incubators and start-ups.

Creating engagement

Culture Business Paris - DR

Culture Business Paris – DR

We have talked about branding, funding, partnerships but also new business models. However, what has appeared in filigree through each case study is the need for arts institutions to reconnect with emotion, with this willingness to share and pass on knowledge to their audiences (current or future). Arts organizations have indeed a huge advantage, whenever they develop their brand or not, such as business. They not only benefit from a significant capital sympathy but above all offer a (almost) inexhaustible content. They are perfect structures to develop a strong commitment from their public, at a time when social networks and peer recommendations are essential.

Fanny Courty, Exponaute Director, does not err when at the end of the first day, she stresses that what has been marked in every presentations is emotion.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, content marketing is tenfold when playing on emotional springs. With the advent of Web 2.0 (collaborative and multi-channel), the audiences expect to communicate as equals with brands, companies and institutions and look forward to a commitment from those that they especially enjoy or appreciate, from those with whom they have a strong engagement.

Arts organizations, because the way they are structured, have all a role to play in this niche, especially when the commitment from their audiences is strong.

Finding common values

Culture Business ParisEmotional spring also strongly step in when it comes to finding new resources. Beyond simply looking for philanthropy or to partner with a company that the institution considers as gold-digging, we also need to dwell on the common values shared by the two structures (the company and the artsinstitution ) in order to successfully leverage all possible opportunity offered by such partnerships.

In short, these ideas look good, but how to put this in place?

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