How to Implement Storytelling Into Your Social Media Marketing (Infographic)

Engaging with your followers on social media requires more than a simple chat. To form true and lasting bonds and loyalty, you need to bring emotion to the table. How do we accomplish this? Through storytelling. By telling your brand’s story, you are helping potential customers connect with you.

Today I’ll show you several ways you can use storytelling on social media, followed by an infographic that will open your mind to new and exciting ways to maximize your efforts on today’s top platforms.

Using Storytelling and Best Practices to Become a Social Media Rockstar (Infographic)

There are numerous ways to implement storytelling into your social media efforts, but today we’ll look at some quick ways to start connecting better with your followers online:

  • Stay true to your image – Don’t tell a story that doesn’t jive with your brand. Be honest, truthful, and remain faithful to the legacy you’re trying to create.
  • Tell micro-stories – People on social media don’t have a lot of time or attention to spare. Cut to the chase and tell a quick story to get their attention, then bring them to your blog for the rest of the message. Don’t worry, making a blog is quick and easy!
  • Ask people to tell their story too – Don’t take up the entire stage. Give your followers a chance to chime in with their own stories from time-to-time.

Take a look at the infographic below to see how you can start using social media with storytelling to reach more people. Let us know how it helps you in the comments below!


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