Museum & the Web 2017

Museums and the Web (MW) is an annual conference featuring advanced research and exemplary applications of digital practice for cultural, natural and scientific heritage. Formed by leading professionals from around the world, MW community has been meeting since 1997. The products of the meetings and conversations – the MW proceedings, community jobs and news forum, and archives for the Best of the Web and GLAMi awards – are an unparalleled resource for cultural sector workers, technologists, students and researchers documenting innovation and best practice in the field over two decades that grows every year.

Who Comes to MW?

All kinds of people from around the world come to MW meetings. At MW every year you will find webmasters, social media managers, educators, curators, librarians, designers, directors, scholars, consultants, programmers, analysts, publishers and developers from museums, galleries, libraries, science centers, and archives – as well as the partner companies, foundations and governments that support them.

The MW Program

MW meetings offer a range of professional learning opportunities including formal and informal networking events throughout.

  • Formal papers: Sessions include 3, 20 minute presentations on a related topic. Each presenter contributes a 5,000 paper to MW’s free online archives prior to the conference.
  • Lightning Talks: Seven-minute presentations of key concepts and learnings.
  • Demonstrations and Exhibit Hall: Presentations of innovative projects, products, and services by cultural heritage partners and professionals.
  • Workshops and how-to sessions: Half-day pre-conference workshops and one-hour how-to sessions during the main conference program.
  • Professional Forums: Discussions or debates about timely and critical topics of interest to the MW community.
  • Communities of Practice: In-person meetings for practitioners around a question, problem, or platform of common interest in the field. The conversations and collaborations by Communities of Practice are sustained before and after the MW meetings through online and other platforms.
  • “Birds of a Feather” round-tables: Ad hoc discussions of topics of shared interest over breakfast in the exhibit hall.
  • Crit Rooms: Critiques of web, video, accessibility and app projects by panels of leaders in the field.
    GLAMi Awards: Annual recognition of leading innovations and projects in the digital field.
    MWX exhibition: Exhibition and events showcasing innovative art practices to inspire digital practice in GLAMs.

Registration for MW’s 21st conference is open with the early registration rate of $700 through 31st December, 2016.