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As we’ve seen with the Rijksstudio or with The Getty, lots of museums and visual arts institutions now offer to their online visitors high-res digital images of the artworks in their collections.

Aside from the fact, that this is a great step for study (you can indeed “navigate” in a painting and have a look at all its details), it is also a great opportunity to hang for the museum lovers to hang their favorite artists on the wall without spending million of dollars!

If you cannot find the artist you like on the museums’ websites, have a look at Unique Canvas. The name doesn’t give it all but this company reproduces artworks on various sizes and types of canvas. There is a solution of every kind of budget as they offer simple posters to oil paintings and canvas print with hand-crafted frames.

There is also art for every taste. Fantasy fans will be happy to find artworks from Rubens or more contemporary, while Classics will enjoy paintings from Pietro Longhi, Jan Vermeer or Modigliani.

Learning more on art while buying?

The search of artworks can be done simply by keywords and names, but also through categories. As said earlier, one can easily pick up an artwork according to one’s mood or following a theme but it is also possible to select paintings and creations by selecting their current, such as Expressionism, or their technique.

Funnily enough, the website offers a short description of what the category consists in. For example, a short description of Modernism:

It is difficult to describe the Modernism as an independent style. Under the term “Modernism” one understands the artistic innovations at the turn of the 19th century to the 20th century, which are called as “lasting values” in the history of art. Especially, the works of Expressionism (August Macke, Franz Marc, Amadeo Modigliani, Egon Schiele and Richard Gerstl), Cubism and Futurism (Pablo Picasso, Juan Gris, Fernand Leger, Giacomo Balla), the highlights from Dada and Surrealism are considered as works of the Modernism.

Quite an interesting way to learn more about art current while purchasing wall art!

Gift idea

Mother and Father’s day have already been celebrated but this product is still a nice gift idea. The website offers the possibility to can choose the size of your wall art to the exact inch! They can produce the wall art in any format, whether on canvas, acrylic glass, aluminium or photo paper. A function also helps to figure how the artwork will look like in a specific room. You can either pick a pre-set room (bedroom, dining room, corridor) or simply upload a photo of yours and place your artwork in it.

The Family Concert by Pietro Longhi in a bedroomac

The Family Concert by Pietro Longhi in a bedroom

A European distribution

Finally, artworks can be order in 7 different languages and to more than 20 countries!


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