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At the last Museum Connections, we attended the presentation “Establish a CRM solution” by Diana Pan, director of technology services at MoMA.

A fascinating presentation that shows how to manage visitors relationships within the institution.

Key findings



The goal of the New York Museum of Modern Art is to make modern art accessible to everyone in the world. MoMA has many channels where it can interact with its audience: the museum extension PS1, a web portal for ticketing, a gift shop, an online gift shop, training sessions, mobile website, etc.

The challenge


“Regardless of both the entry point and the technology used, we want to give them the best experience possible and to continue to dialogue with them. ”
Diana Pan

Before, relationship management was that…


And that too


And finallyMoma-CRM5

In 2011, MoMA decided to replace its over 30 years old system. Convergence and the maturity of many “new” technologies have enabled MoMa select a cloud-based solution with an open architecture allowing easy integration with other systems and a real-time reporting robust tool.



“The 360* CRM system now allows us to reach donors and members much more efficiently and to acquire new members in much more efficient way because we can analyze what has happened in the past and make decisions based on that data. Additionally, our member base is at a record high and we’ve only had Salesforce implemented for about a year. The system has already made a significant impact on membership and business.”

Diana Pan



A robust web service API layer was essential to the flexibility of the solution, allowing any external source to communicate and access MoMA’s membership data in a standard and secure manner. This API layer was the foundation of the solution, from which other releases of the project leveraged, such as during the development of the mobile point-of-sales solution and other integration efforts.

Diana Pan and Manish Engineer. « The 360-Degree View: Why An Integrated CRM Platform is Important in Growing a Museum’s Membership Program. » MWA2015: Museums and the Web Asia 2015. Published August 21, 2015. Consulted January 31, 2016.


Moma-CRM8 Moma-CRM9

Key learnings


View Diana Pan’s full presentation:

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