Pearltree, a new platform for exhibits?

Pealtrees, a free and collaborative tool that helps you to organize and curate your work online, has been publishing recently online exhibits.

Three French major museums; the Centre Pompidou, the quai Branly museum and the musée des Arts et Métiers (Arts and Techniques Museum) have decided to upload some of their collections.

The musée des Arts et Métiers is inviting visitors to discover its latest exhibition “TV Culture” directly on Pearltrees. In the museum’s account, it is also possible to browse from collections on the history of the museum to previous exhibitions. Julia, from the museum, explains that they presence on Pearltrees is quite natural: “This has been created first to organize our monitoring related to our collections and our programming (including conferences and exhibitions) and to create a sort of web press review. This also allows us to explore new themes and ideas, browsing in Pearltrees community.


Screenshot of Pearltree – credits Pearltree


The Centre Pompidou welcomes each year more than 5 million visitors and among them, many high school students who are confronted for the first time to modern and contemporary art. The famous museum has therefore designed an evolutionary journey on Pearltrees to guide them in their discoveries. Gonzague Gautier, the Centre’s digital projects manager, said that the museum has chosen Pearltree mainly for two reasons: First, we usually like to test diverse external platforms, before integrating them to our tools or to larger projects. In this specific case, the presence of the Centre Pompidou on Pearltrees corresponded with an educational project, so it seemed logical for us to pick up a network used in high schools documentation centres.

Regarding the musée du quai Branly, this opportunity allowed them to test a platform on which we were not yet on, says Sébastien Magro, since the new version of Pearltrees offers now a lot of very effective and easy to use features, such as the classification of pearls. The depth of the project #TikiPop made even more sense. This summer, the musée du quai Branly holds an exhibition entitled “Tiki Pop, America dreams of its Polynesian paradise.” On this occasion, the museum offers a selection of resources togo beyond the exibit: presentation of the curator of the exhibition, bibliography, general informations, press reviews.

And you, on what platform do you put your content online?

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